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December 02, 2015


Doran Bouchard

Any chance you would allow another to jump on your account and play the PTU? Been following for a while on the blog. You have done some good work. I'm currently in limbo because I have a Banu Merchantman. Gonna be a long wait on that one.
But honestly if you would beup for it then feel free to jump let me know and I can give you the information to get on our Orgs TS.

Alysianah aka Saylah

You can access the PTU content solo - run locally on your own machine. All of the video I captured was done that way because the PTU is too unstable for relying on it to get good footage. :-)

I used this post on Reddit and it works perfectly. BUT you must follow the steps EXACTLY. Any deviation and it won't work. Doing this you will have access to whatever you have on your actual account. If it's just the Banu, I think you should still have loaners in the ship list when you load into Port Olisar.


Accessing the PTU isn't a second account. It happens using your actual live account so it's not information that can or should be shared.

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