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September 28, 2015



I'm real curious about how many not so legal activities we can get away with. If a crime is committed in space but know is around to see is it still a crime?

Alysianah aka Saylah

That's a very good question. I could go either way. The only game I've played where criminal activity is support is EVE Online. In their mechanic no one has to witness the crime for the system to be alerted. For example, if you steal another miner's jettisoned cargo container of ore, the game flags you as a criminal for xxx minutes. And in the case of killing someone in policed zones, NPC ships will descend on the zone even if they weren't present at the time of the kill and you'll be dead in very short order.

It's going to be exciting to see which end of the stick CIG takes in these manners. I'm not big on unconsensual PVP but I don't cry over it either. I liked the element of danger in EVE that exists once your move away from the heavily policed zones.

Even when I was playing solo and mostly doing PVE content I setup my home base in a low security sector of space cuz adrenaline. If you won't take risks in a game, where will you take them is my feeling.

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