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December 11, 2014



I'm also playing my Warlock as my main... :) she was already 90 so I didn't have to do the instant level up...

I have tailoring and enchanting buildings so I guess I'd have to give one up if I wanted to get a storage house?

I haven't use the instant level up yet... was thinking about my 86 Mage alchemist/herbalist but I notice I can't get the herb garden without doing a quest on my 93 Warlock and Wowhead says you have to be like 95 or something... (IIRC)

I've only been back just a few days myself and still trying to figure it all out...

Alysianah aka Saylah

It's a lot to figure out if you're a returning player. At level 2, you do have to decided between 2 profession buildings or the Storage House. My priest and warlock are both tailor/enchanter as they used to be on different accounts. I was going to have the priest tailor and the warlock do enchanting allowing each to have the store.

Unfortunately, I realized yesterday that Hexweave is BOP!!!! so can't be traded and creating it on a 24 hour timer. Therefore it's more beneficial to have both characters making hexweave for the own use. And since you can only wear 3 pieces of hexweave I can have each concentrate on only level/obtaining certain recipes and craft each other's items. So that was a wrinkle I didn't realize until I was into things already. It's not made obvious.

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