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December 12, 2014



I got my first 16x16 yesterday near the city of towers thanks to a generous guildie. They also threw in an 8x8 nearby that i stuck a leatherwork bench on and an aquafarm off Lutesong harbor. Considering I've been playing for months now with a solitary 8x8 in the boondocks of hasla, this was a pretty epic day.

I also just hit 50, (I level slow). I know everyone has gone back to WoW. Even you went back to WoW. And i know that Trion sucks big fat donkey balls. But I'm loving this game. And incidentally, all the bloggers that have gone back to WoW that I respect are all blogging about one thing and one thing only:


I'd sooner play AA.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Congrats Adam! I know how big of a deal is in AA. I have this love/hate relationship with AA. I love the features and the promise of what it could be. But I hate how the poor quality of the code from XL and how Trion keeps tripping over their own feet managing it.

I still log in regularly to take care of my farms to continue making money. But at the end of the day, I don't have a lot of faith in the longevity unless XL and Trion get their act together. With that being the case there's little use in grinding to make my gear, grinding to get weapons or accumulating massive amounts of gold. When you take that progression away, the game narrows considerably as those progressions are what MMOs are mostly about.

I haven't given up completely but I do continue to simplify the time required as it costs me nothing to continue in some manner and I can easily afford APEX and tax certificates. However, even the big mouth zerg guilds are whittling down and fading away. As long as you're having fun that's all that matters. EQ2 has hung around for a LONG TIME with a small player base. It remained a game that I resubscribed to for at least a couple of months every year. AA would be that for me except I'm so annoyed at XL/Trion that for now, they haven't shown the kind of MMO savvy I'd reward with real life cash. That could change :-)

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