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December 03, 2014



hi! i have something similar today.. the minute and a half of owner's mark run off and someone still my farm cart. i chase him from falcorth to villanelle. there was NOTHING i could do. that guy was a total prick!
That kind of behavior on a game it is plausible of doing it on RL if it wasn't moral or police, laws and a jail to lock them up for scamming or murder... but i think, and i'm not going to far with this tought, pricks in game, pricks in RL aswell.
And i have taken pictures (because is not my first videogame that i have a really close encounter with an asshole) to elevate them to a report... but i don't find any report, help or ticket button at all.
Can you guide me to it, please?

[Saylah]: Check Reddit. I don't know if there is a bug report feature in Archeage. I think it's via the official forums. I'm not playing anymore but you can ask on Reddit.


by the way, thanks for your post!

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