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October 13, 2014



Glad I got out when I did. Queueage was enough to wear down my enthusiasm for a new title that was kinda meh to me in OB. I can only imagine the rage for folks who genuinely like and enjoy the game.

I wonder if a bunch of the hacks etc were mitigated in patches yet to be implemented. If the Korean version has the same issues, there are some huge issues indeed.


I love the blog btw. Also I dont think they did so terrible. If they would of had more servers you would beg them to take them off later on so it is just something they have to do.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Based on heresay, the Asia market behaves a bit differently than us NA and EU heathens. They aren't facing the hack and bot issues. However, the Russian servers are supposedly a cesspool in this regard but who knows.

Alysianah aka Saylah

I don't think it's acceptable that:
1. Headstart people were in 6 hour queues when the number of those players was a known quantity
2. Servers like Kyrios with 8+ hour queues should have been locked on release day to avoid it getting worse. GW2 had to do this. Trion didn't respond fast enough making the first week on the top pop servers a nightmare.

The hack and botting issues can be laid at XL Games' feet for sure but it seems Trion is understaffed and drops the ball too making things just a bit worse

That said, I still LOVE the game. And I still believe in Trion as a publisher, having been a head-start participant and subscriber of Rift.

And thanks for the compliment :-)


Oh man... All I can say is go back and read prior posts on Queueage. Quite simply, systems were not in place that are common in most all modern mmos to handle queues, afk booting etc and either poor sever metrics or gross incompetence at knowing populations over time.

I share their concerns of opening too many but basing what is appropriate off unreliable data created from underdevolped systems is just plain negligent.

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