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July 26, 2014



Shame that a deep game is buried under free for all player killing.

If they offered a PVE server, would the game be just as good on it?

Winged Nazgul

/waits anxiously for next post. :)

I got invited into the AA Closed Beta Event this Wednesday so I can finally see this awesome game I've been following for a while now for myself.

Alysianah aka Saylah

I thought about that for a while after someone linked me a post from Syp's blog. I'm not really sure it would actually. The open sea would just be another transport mechanic and why not just let you teleport with your goods if that's the case. The distances which can be rather large might seem a pointless cockblock without the opportunity for PVP.

That said, other than dealing with it at level 30 if you want to see all the PVE zones, you can do trade and not expose yourself to nearly as much PVP. Turn in to local or inland vendors. You won't make nearly as much and might have to be sure you pick something that is even a net profit but you can reduce how much PVP you deal with.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Oh the next post is a doozy. LOL Trying to get it out later today.

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