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July 28, 2014


Winged Nazgul

Wow, sounds exciting! So this is what they mean when they say there are so many hidden facets to this game if you only concentrate on questing to level like any other MMO.

Alysianah aka Saylah

I do wonder how in the world people will know all there is to do. There's no reasonable way for the game to introduce it all. You'd have the dreaded long tutorial from EVE that very few people bother completing.

My levels are coming so quickly I don't realize it. I'm level 32 now and I've done less than 40% of the PVE content available to me. Most of my XP is because I enjoy crafting and finding harvesting relaxing. Consequently, they provide the bulk of my XP.

Besides the features the world is large and other than the dungeons, it's not level gated. They don't attempt to block you from participating in commerce or accessing zones because of your level. If you want to try it, go for it.

I don't like doing a lot of content prior to official launch so this worked out perfect for me and is something I enjoyed about GW2 - different ways to gain XP.

It also feels like because of it there's more content than you need to level which reminds me of Rift, where the second time around at least half of the content was new to me. I routinely see people asking in chat where to go next because they've out leveled a zone and the quests are gray for them.


Love the stories.. I remember someone saying once that EVE is better to read about than actually play. Hope that isn't the same with AA - LOVE the heart pumping gaming, reminds me of DAOC days...

Alysianah aka Saylah

Thanks! I'm having fun even when things go wrong.

I think the big difference between AA and EVE is it's your actions that play out in AA - in the moment that they occur. Whereas a part of EVE is the long term political strategies that make headlines but often only involve a small percentage of the player base. You could take the time to infiltrate a guild in AA and perhaps set them up for piracy but the potential for long term ramification is smaller. The majority of the land mass is pre-owned / designated by game mechanics. Similar to WOW PVP servers you can fight each other but you don't make changes to the world that are preserved.

I suppose if a guild is persistent enough they could attempt to capture particular water ways and bar access to that coast, holding it for ransom but if seems like there are mechanics missing to make it viable long term and profitable long term. For that reason, AA tactics play out more in the moment.

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