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February 01, 2014



Keep in mind the game is under NDA.


I am in now at the Character Selection Screen.


True - don't think people can say where they are in the game?? Aww.


NDA is lifted!



On a side note, patch tonight saying you can tell what server/zone in upper left screen. Also, /loc works if you want to leave coords to your claim ;)


Thanks for link and glad about the location info. Felt like a huge oversight.


Servers are super meh today and they did not add any new ones and land size did not seem enlarged. 99.9% claimed, most empty. I hope they add servers or expand islands otherwise many will not be able to experience building structures and have to rely on others stations to craft.

Pretty damn shortsighted esoecially if you decide to drop the NDA. Think I saw something about open beta in early spring. I certainly hope not, it's no where near stable and truely functional in it's current state and many many systems are not even in the game (accessible to alphas) yet. If they stand by their word re alphas will have direction guiding the game, there is plenty to be changed.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Some of the items not there or not working seem like uh??? No way to know where you are and no compass or mini map. I hope they wait as long as needed to.

Alysianah aka Saylah

FYI my location, not that it matters. I think I'll bail on building until it's more stable. Losing too many supplies.

Server: Liberation
Zone: Overlook
Where: Straight south run from the portal. All the way back not too far from the zone line. There's a cluster of hills just before more empty zone before the zone line. I'm in the cluster of hills.

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