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February 05, 2014



Rofl only because it true!

You need a ton of the stuff and the drop rate is poor even with discovery jewely. I average approx 1500-1700 an hour mindlessly hovering over one spot on a tree... If I ever wanted to bot something, this is it. Now I need 4500 more of this crap for a new saw bench. Guess who is downloading macro software this evening?

Pro tip from one of the devs, go grind gear till you get legendaries with exactly the right stats... Really there Einstein? Why am I starting to get the feeling they are making a read m effin chore to be able to get to the good part, building... Once they reset, I think I'm done till permanence. Will only do the grind then.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Hopefully, this feedback will be taken into consideration and we'll see them tweak the numbers before release. Newer games have gotten away from the grind through this to get to the "fun" part of the game.

This is a building game, were harvesting is the means to an end. And we have similar games to compare it too, they're going to have to make it immediately fun for people to stay for the sophisticated parts.


I am working on my Cobalt Pick and you need Sapphires for it. The bad thing is that currently the only way to get Sappires is to be lucky enough to find them under a Cobalt vein. So, I am mindlessly mining coblat in hopes of finally finding some Sapphires.


Just wait for Rubies! Finding Rubicite as the starting mining material is rough on Tier 3 islands...

I wish you the best of luck and hope your gems come quickly!


Same here. I need them too. I saw a SOE Dev tweet that we should be using the top tier sifter thingy to find them in excess dirt. :-/


Hopefully, these things will be tweaked. On the other hand, they were probably not expecting people to grind all the tools up front. Doing so is what makes it feel tedious. Unfortunately, the instability of the voxel situation wasn't leaving much else to do that didn't risk being a waste of time.


I finished my Cobalt Pick last night. Now comes the Indigo Pick and it takes 15 Burled Wood Planks. Can't wait to mindlessly gather 1500 burled wood pieces. I would be building but I don't want to lose what I have built along with the material so I just decided to make progress with the picks.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Grats on the Cobalt pick. I did the Golden Axe this morning. No luck on getting the legendary version. Will try another couple of times later. I need to chop down a metric ton of trees too the next couple of sessions. Mostly to experiment with crafting. I'm not grinding the tools pre-release. *Shudder* There will be enough of that after launch.

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