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February 03, 2014



As far as I can gather from the forums nearly everything on your list is either a bug or just features that aren't in at this stage of alpha. All the issues with claims and disappearing structures are certainly bugs. There was one wipe (actually a full world heal) that was required to get the servers back up but apart from that what you build *should* stay as you built it. It doesn't, but it will when the bugs get ironed out. As far as I know that includes building from raws but I am not sure on that one.

For my money (literally) this is way ahead of what I expected from an alpha. Previous alphas I've been in have had placeholder character models, movement systems that didn't work, glaring, gaping holes in the world and a fraction of the content Landmark has. It feels more like an early-mid beta build to me.

All depends what you think the terms alpha and beta mean I guess, although any meaning they have has become so degraded over recent years that it's scarcely worth using them at all now. Once you start taking money its effectively a soft launch, anyway. I'm not at all sure it was ready for that.


That's good to know. I was going to get to the forums today and list these items. You can use /bug in game too. Each time I lost my items I submitted a bug report hoping the raw materials might turn back up. :-)

I can deal with the 100 to 1 grind but not losing stuff once it's down, since the acquisition is not exactly entertaining.

I didn't bother listing the falling through the world, getting stuck, rubberbanding, awkward hit box on big trees. To me, all of those things are alpha expected and acceptable in an alpha. Even taking 10 attempts to get on the portal platform so you can change zones, while annoying I expect in an alpha.

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