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January 14, 2014



If I may, what exactly does "a compliment to Tera's content and design is that I forget I’m playing a F2P game" mean?

TERA, along with LOTRO, SWTOR and many others started off as sub games. But even with Allods or Runes of Magic and other F2P-only games, I don't really see any difference whatsoever in terms of the content that would make me say "oh, I'm obviously playing a F2P game" or "oh, I'm obviously playing a sub game."

Alysianah aka Saylah

I found some of the things SWTOR tried in order to solicit cash purchases out of players ridiculous. Pay to have access to more hotbars??

When Allods went from Beta to live and their cash shop hit, it was quits for me and the friends that were playing. $16 for a single bag slot was ludicrous, bordering on greedy. We laughed and uninstalled the game.

I'm obviously playing F2P when I'm besieged by dialog boxes reminding me that if I subscribed, I could do this that and the other...what EQ2 has added.

I'm obviously playing F2P when basic interface elements or interactions are denied - Allods. Or I'm blocked from certain chat channels - EQ2's initial f2P model.

I'm obviously playing F2P when I must buy consumables to negate death penalties (Allods) or reasonably level without them.

I could go on about the things which are a constant reminder that I'm in a F2P game and they want money. This doesn't happen in Tera. I have cash shop coins sitting in my account that I forget are there because there's nothing being spammed in my face or made so inconvenient that i feel compelled to buy.


Gotcha. I'll admit, I installed SWTOR a few months ago to re-try it and the F2P was so... I'm struggling for the right word but in the meantime I'm tempted to say "hostile" that I subbed. I'm not the only one who's felt that way.

Allods, on the other hand, dropped pretty much all the stuff that caused the mass exodus and player anger back then. They even have a sub-only server now.

So it sounds like it's not so much the "content" per se, as being offensively in your face with various interfaces asking you to spend even more money?


Yes, could have said something like "they don't manipulate the content or mechanics in a way that make you need to buy or put buy "this" in your face." :-)


We can always skip even con areas and push ahead to harder areas ;) I really think it's easy because we duo and I can swap into a more durable tank stance while you keep me up. Really, it's your ability to heal and my durability and attacks that have mobility that allow us to do some of those massive pulls. If we were to solo, we could never pull that off or have such a long recovery time, we would wish to go back to the mass killing mode.

Gotta agree with you, this and Path of Exile are the best F2P games out there in terms of being un intrusive.

Alysianah aka Saylah

We should probably do that. We've had some gray mobs/quests. We can do the BAMs that are at our level, those are still challenging as a duo.


I'm sure with better gear, skill and knowledge I could handle BAMs on-level solo. Maybe. But as it stands I can't touch one solo until I'm at least 10 levels over them. Which is fine, quest XP overrules kill XP far as I'm concerned. But still, I'd like to be able to handle them before they turned grey.

Alysianah aka Saylah

I so see lancers and warriors a few over soloing BAMs. As you've said, you have to be on your toes. I've tossed a few heals if I see them in trouble. I used to like to get to the point where I could go back an solo content but not so much anymore. I'm lucky to stick around for max level these days, let alone retrace zones. *sigh*

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