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November 21, 2013



Aww, you will always be my favorite tentacle bat target :)

Or Rez buddy...

Or fall from great heights buddy...


Alysianah aka Saylah

You're not going to let me forget that are ya?? If I'd been frapsing that would be an internet meme by now! It such a shock but hysterical. :-P


It was unintentional... But man it was funny in that virtual jump training scenario :) It looked like a Wile E Coyote video. It's a hit! She's going... Going... Gone!

AC2's REAL Lover

You know AC2 is back up and running, right?


Yes, I installed it and realized that perhaps, you can't go back home. :-) The graphics looked bad and the combat felt stilted. AC2 was a perfect storm of elements at the time, that lended it a sense of magic I don't think can really recaptured.


P.S. or maybe everything looks less shiny after the graphics and art style of GW2. *sigh*

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