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April 09, 2013



Tim Burton is the name that came to my mind as well when I first landed in Popolion! Nice zone and I quite liked the art design. Its things like these that keep my playing Tera. They have some nice touches.

I was level 30 when I got to Popolion, so only did the main quest and skipped all the rest. Did I miss anything? I was 32 after few SM run and I was lucky with couple of yellow items.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Great minds think alike! *smile*

Only a cute quest to unearth what happened to a Blood Maid's husband that eventually leads you to opening his coffin and kicking his ass, then returning to the widow with the bad news. :-)

When I was leveling up the Priest right after the Mystic, I realized there is way more content than needed to out level each zone so I started skipping some of the more mundane yellow quests. This way it's not as repetitive if you have more than one character.


You are right, great minds do think alike :)

I am also skipping lot of content on my Lancer if they are below my level. In fact I have completely skipped the zone after Popolion. This way I have something new to do on my alt.

I am thinking of either Priest or Mystic for an alt. Which one would you recommend please? I do like to solo quest BAMs.


Alysianah aka Saylah

Hmm Interesting idea skipping the next zone. I traveled to the hub and picked up quests. It's the dreaded wind swept bare zone and doesn't look nearly as appealing as Rift's equivalent so I was a bit discouraged. I might follow your lead and skip it as well.

I would say it depends on if you want to heal groups. Straight up solo against mobs much higher than you the Mystic's tank pet realy stands up to a beating. He may expire (20 minute duration) but he's yet to die in a fight.

However, healing the instances with players running face first into content and not bothering to pick up the vitae motes, the priest is the best option. There's a lot less micromanagement going on so you get to see the sights and encounters more because you have the AOE and HOT skills on top of an AOE cleanse.

Priest solos very well too but not sure it can pull off a BAM. Your heavy hitting damage skills are on 4+ sec cool down. The ever present and spamable skills require close contact something a clothie doesn't want to entertain messing with a BAM.

So if mostly solo and occassional group I'd go Mystic. If you want to main heal groups, especially instances, I'd go Priest which is why I changed from the Mystic to Priest.

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