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March 20, 2013



"there's no dismiss pet command which is very odd"

True, but the only pet that needs dismissing is the Thrall of Protection; because it's the only one that lasts more than a few seconds. Since you can have only one pet out at a time dismiss a Thrall of Protection by summoning one of the other three.

I wouldn't worry too much about aiming. For most classes, and especially melee, the reticule is quite forgiving. I've tried all the classes and the TERA Warrior is the most absorbing class I've ever played in an MMO.

Incidentally the Lancer is not only the favored tank but if you queue for instance then Tank is the only role Lancers are eligible for.



Unfortunately, the Thrall can go buck wild. The pet remembers the mob that was attacking you even if it died and you summon a new one. And it attacks something that attacked you without you commanding it to do so which has the unintended side effect of un-sleeping mobs I've mezzed. In those moments, while you're cringing and feeling like the group noob, you wish for a dimiss command. :-)

In general, I've decided not to summon him in groups since he's not really needed and can cause little dramas to unfold.

Haven't tried the LFG tool yet. Was thinking I'd keep the Lancer as my solo/farming alt.


Agreed! The Thrall of Protection is simply not intended for use in groups that already have a tank.

I'm surprised that the ToP is breaking mezz in that I'm suprised it can get to them before the mezz wears off naturally. The 'mezz' skill for mystics is very short lived - only a few seconds - and it's more of an interrupt than a crowd-control device.


Yep. He's too dangerous in groups. Not sure if it's intended or not but I find the length of the mezz depends on the level and class of mob. If I'm soloing regular mobs and pull too many, I can mezz one long enough to kill one then set pet on other and continue.

However, bosses, you're absolutely right, it's often like an interrupt. BAMs in particular, I sometimes cast it just to get my bearings on tank if he took damage and is LOS, or want to interrupt one of their ranged moves/jumps/charges. Sometimes it works and other times not.

The classes are fun and combat can be wild which is what makes it so entertaining.

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