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March 15, 2013


Winged Nazgul

The Secret World on sale on Amazon for $19.99 and now no sub required like GW2.


Just sayin' :)

Alysianah aka Saylah

Thanks. I picked it up on a $15 Amazon sale a couple of months ago on a tip from Sarzon. I think it was him or it was you. LOL Didn't stick for me. I played only twice and it wasn't my thing.

I'm liking Tera Online. :-)


I played Secret World beta but it made me think too much... I never thought I'd get too old to play MMORPG's but I think it is coming down to that...

I didn't realize there was no sub for it... I might have to give it a look see...


BLASPHEMY!! *Hands Anna soap to wash out her mouth*

May I suggest it's more that we're highly experienced in MMOs and as such, the stings on the puppets show more readily and we're much less forgiving when games take a step backward compared to their peers.

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