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January 15, 2013


Wilhelm Arcturus

Lance was neither kind nor gentle to those who accused him of doping in the past, which included going after people in court at times. Some of what he did is going to require more than saying he is sorry and asking for forgiveness.

Of course, the line of people looking to get their money refunded for the "Lance Armstrong Experience" is getting long already, and includes organizations that benefited greatly at the time and which will really suffer no harm with these revelations. We'll see where the deserving rank.

The interview with Oprah isn't out yet, and I do wonder how far he will go. He really needs to be very forthright in my opinion, as any holding back, any hedging, or any excuses will come across as trying to minimized his own responsibility in this.

Alysianah aka Saylah

That's the worst part of it, the mean spirited things done to protect the lies, assuming he says what the rumors have reported. And if it was done with a knowing blind eye by some of the governing bodies, this is going to be a bombshell.

Fear will drive humans to horrific lengths, murder among them. This is really really unfortunate. And I don't condone what he's done at all, I'd just hate the see any of his charitable works suffer.

For myself, still reeling from my mother's sudden passing and filled with regrets of things I wish I'd done differently, I can at least understand. Even though my wished change are for things that are only personal in scope. I can sympathize with staring down the face of things you cannot change now.


I was hoping it wasn't true. He made the choice and in trying to cover it up, hurt people in the process. That's my issue with him.

I wonder if those who lost monies on suits against him will be able to reclaim those funds. Will he be able to be sued for libel or prosecuted for lying under oath if applicable. What will be the fallout of this on innocents?

I was pulling for him for a long time but now... Meh...

Alysianah aka Saylah

Suing people to protect the lies has got to be the worst part. Okay, he cheated other people and teams out of wins, records and money. But taking people to court who were, if we're to believe he came clean, is the more brazen aspect of the illegal behavior.

Clearly someone would go to those lengths, he did. What I am really wondering is if there is a bigger conspiracy/collusion. A house of cards that would fall so hard if he was discovered that fighting it to the bitter end felt like the only course of action. I can't see how he could have succeeded for as long as he did, without physicians, coaches, lab testers, etc... someone other than other athletes had to have known.


The Lance story is not a shock over here because some very courageous journalists called him out a long time ago. Nevertheless I hate it when cynics turn out to be right. There is a big scandal in the UK at the moment about a late broadcaster who devoted his life to charity and to helping people. After his death it turns out he was also a voracious sexual predator who used his fame to prey upon children and adolescents.

Sometimes it feels like it would be safer not to have any heroes. I still haven't made up my mind as to whether the good work these people have done compensates in a tiny way for the nastiness.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Yes, I've read about that scandal. It shows up in one of my Pulse subscriptions (news aggregation app for iPad). Preying on children is at the bottom of the barrel. My first thought when I saw his picture was that he looked creepy in the first place!!!

Perhaps they shouldn't be considered heroes. They're not religious men trying to follow a moral code that even some of them fail to meet. They're actually just celebrities, plain ole people in the spotlight for various reasons.

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