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November 30, 2012



I'm kind of in the opposite position. Back in October I asked for Storm Legion for my birthday because it looked as though by the time that came I would be ready to take a break from GW2. Turns out I was completely wrong.

Every day I think of playing other MMOs - there are half a dozen that have things going on that I want to take a run at - yet when it comes to clicking an icon on my desktop that little red dragon is the only one I see. Far from running out of things to do I feel I'm barely scratching the surface yet. I have two level 80s, a level 65 and a level 25 and yet I haven't hit 50% map completion on any one of them. My fanciful idea of having eight level 80s, one of each class, is solidifying into a firm intention. Leveling up is just pure pleasure - why would I want to stop?

As for the end-game, I'm not touching it. Haven't done any dungeons (well, one, once) and unless they become massively less of a time-sink as you describe I'm not very likely to. Our server has busy, vibrant WvW but with only brief queues and I'm spending an increasing amount of time there.

My take on crafting in MMOs is that it should be purely for fun rather than profit, so I'm fairly happy with it in GW2. It could certainly be improved, but I have a 400 leatherworker, 300 cook and several in the 100-200 range. I just make what I need and that's fine.

Housing is the big issue for me. Personal instances were a big part of the pre-launch publicity but not only did they never happen in anything more than the most basic fashion, there is no dedicated team working on them and no prospect of them being improved any time soon. Not enough to sour me on the game in any major way, but it is a sore point.

Alysianah aka Saylah

I think I could get more excited about doing the whole map without jumping puzzles if they game adjusted rewards for my level. Sure, you can say do it to see the content but meh, not so much. Level 50 downgraded still face-rolls lower level content except for the boring or obnoxious ones and all game have their share of those. Ugh, I ran across some real doozies unlocking all hearts whose vendors sell bulk produce.

I still enjoy myself every time I do play. Doing whatever I decide to do for that session, so am hanging in there.

With GW1 having had guild halls I think they're going to have deliver SOMETHING in that space.

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