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October 08, 2012


Winged Nazgul

Have you checked out the upcoming F2P MMO, City of Steam yet?


Alysianah aka Saylah

Thanks for the link. It does look interesting. Some of the videos look a bit Torchlight which doesn't appeal to me whiled others didn't.

I have my reservations about F2P with no box purchase. W101 being the one I've played that was fun, good quality and a cash shop that was NOT in anyway essential to game-play other than purchasing access to zones if you didn't subscribe. After Allods and their CS, I've returned to being skeptical. Still the genre alone makes it worth me looking into.

Thanks for the link!

Winged Nazgul

Yeah, I think it's a bit like Torchlight/Diablo 3 instead of your typical MMO but it does have some interesting features and the steampunk vibe is everywhere - you have to see their version of a talent tree. Also, I think they plan on having housing as well so not your typical action RPG - definitely a MMO.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Housing?? Uh oh, that's huge carrot for me to take a look.


One of the problems with Steampunk is that it can be quite immersion breaking. A really well thought out and consistent fantasy world needs to make sense. You can go "screw it, we'll toss any old thing in and sod the lore" as WoW does but not many world builders want to do this, particularly if they're writers of fiction. And generally the people who write game lore are also writers of fiction.

Look at how WoW uses steampunk. They introduced motorbikes for Gnomish Engineers. But of course then things start to not make sense. If there are motorbikes why would anyone still ride horses? Are they a Gnomish racial secret - then why can my Orc Engineer ride one? Do they blow up and break down a lot? well why do they never do that when your player is using one?

Then they introduced cars for the Goblin starter area? And your level 2 Goblin can drive it. So tell me again, why are people still riding around on horses? Why are horses faster than cars and harley davidsons?

WoW solves these issues by not caring. It's a strategy that can work in games but not in fiction writing. Thus if your story is written by fiction writers you're not likely to get steampunk as it's very difficult to make a world that is predominantly medieval in feel if you dole out 18th and 19th century technology and remain believably consistent.

Alysianah aka Saylah

While I agree poorly done it would be immersion breaking but those aren't really examples of Steampunk, they're just WOW adding new items. Motorbikes and cars have nothing to do with Steampunk in particular.

Even if they were better implementations, legit Steampunk, there's a reason not everyone would have them, it's the cost. Just as when engine based vehicles were introduced, many people still used horse and buggy.

GW2 already nonsensical items in a fantasy setting like the stupid sunglasses. UGH why would they introduce them and not make them at least look appropriate. They look like now a days glasses.

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