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October 30, 2012


Julie Whitefeather

I went through the door a number of times. I participated in the battles, but when I asked what the points where for no one seemed to know. In the end there didn't seem much point to the Halloween pvp.

I did enjoy the way they decorated Lions Arch. Perhaps if I had a high level crafter I would have enjoyed the Halloween fun a bit more. After getting smacked around in a food fight I found myself saying "meh" and logging off.

I hate to say it but I enjoyed World of Warcraft's past Halloween events alot more. This one sort of turned me off.

Alysianah aka Saylah

I was just the opposite. I HATED WOW HOLIDAY EVENTS. OMG. Other than the NY's Eve fireworks the first year I played, I detested their run around quest-type events. HUUUUUUURL. I hate go fetch activity. I can not stomach it.

I ignored most of EQ2's as well except for all things having to do with crafting. Add something that lets me make more unique furniture for my then house decorating business, I was all in. :-)

But Blizzard knows their typical player. They're completionists, like collecting items and don't mind running hither and yon. I'm sooooo the opposite. I'm very much over completing questing checklists. I don't know how I'll level in another MMO after the freeform method in GW2.

Alysianah aka Saylah

P.S. Plus I can play cooperatively with others without needing to speak to them at all. GW2 solved the PUG in the open world scenario. The requirements speak for themselves. That's music to the ears of this INFJ Myers Briggs girl.


Julie Whitefeather

I didn't get excited about the costumes as much as I did in other games because I had to buy them and couldn't earn them. Also, there isn't any sort of cosmetic costume abilities. I am not sure if the system of making one set of armor have the qualities of another but I doubt it. It would be fun if it did.

Once I was done walking around Lion's Arch I sort of stood there and said "so now what?"

Julie Whitefeather

P.S...and the more I think about it the more I feel like my best friend threw a big party and I was not invited.

Alysianah aka Saylah

LOL. You so silly. I do hear ya about the purchase aspects but since there's no sub I can't hate 'em over it. There were fiery pumpkin backpacks (fit back slot item) to be had from some quest or other.

You didn't miss much. I'm easily amused by certain things while completely bored by some that others thoroughly enjoy.

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