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September 05, 2012



Truly disappointing.

Besides the usual can't group, in game mail issues or the trading post being down...we never had this problem.

But, I also knew that this account was linked to my original GW account. So, before pre-launch, I logged in all of my family into the main account page. When we got the chance to change our e-mails, we did. When the authenticate came, we did it.

This shows that no matter how many freaking betas you do, there will NEVER be a no problem launch for MMO's

Good luck@! You will need it.


I had problems with the email authentication for a day or two - I simply did not receive any emails from them. Then I started to get email response, but it was delayed so the login attempt timed out before I could click on the link in the email.

Then at some point it started working - as in emails were received before the login attempt timed out. But it was necessary to sit and wait to see when the email arrived, because otherwise it could time out again...

Other games under the NCSOft umbrella have better two-way authentication schemes, why not simply reuse something that has already been tested?

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