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September 10, 2012



I agree. I was never a fan of dailys, and doing them almost made the game feel like a job. Like "I'm off to work honey, time to slaughter me 20 boars, pick crops, and stop the same invading army, same as I do everyday." It's also why I was never into the dungeon treadmill either. "So you want me to kill the same guy 50 times, just to be able to go kill that other guy 50 times?"

However, I do feel very compelled to play GW2's version. Simply because in doing so, you're not doing the same things. Different zones, different events, it all counts. :)

I did find the reset time to be interesting, but then realized it's based on UTC at global midnight. Same time for everyone worldwide (I think... not sure about EU servers...).

Alysianah aka Saylah

Totally agree. The only time I engaged in dailies before GW2 was my last go-round with WOW. I did the crafting dailies for the rare components and I'm a enjoy cooking and fishing.

GW2's implementation makes it easy to complete the achievements. Even if you don't play enough to complete dailies there's a wide variety, including monthly.

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