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June 12, 2012



Hmm...I did not know about the chef's outfit animations. I enjoyed collecting some of the mini pets, though! I thoroughly enjoyed the beta weekend and look forward to the game.


I didn't try the pets. From the description I couldn't tell if they are the type that follow you around in game or were like trading cards and you just collect them.


The mini pets just follow you around in game and have their own little animations. They also have swimming animations and go with you under water.

I went with the pirate outfit and had a lot of fun with the animations for it: the tropical 'parrot' (not a parrot, heh), cannon you can fire, walk the plank, and of course how could I not like yelling "Yarr!!" :D

I spent most of the weekend getting a good understanding of crafting. My opinion of it has gone up. While nowhere as involved as those EQ2, Vanguard, or even Aion, the items were mostly useful and I enjoyed making them. The best part is, like Aion, you get XP for gathering items and then the crafting as well. Being able to deposit most of the crafting items while out adventuring is fantastic and I quickly collected tons of stuff for all the crafting lines while just doing my usual exploring and fighting.


I'm glad to hear that harvesting and crafting contribute to leveling XP. I can get lost in crafting and fall behind the leveling curve of friends and guild mates.

When I'm stressed out and in a mood to be alone in my head, I find simply walking around beautiful zones harvesting an extremely relaxing activity. Decent crafted items is enough for me. I'm expecting EQ3 to be the grand daddy of the best crafting and player housing of all time. LOL No pressure there for Sony.

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