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May 31, 2012



Of recent subscription games other than SWTOR, the only other one to hit millions of players would probably be Aion. While its release was staggered over 9 months, it started with 3.5 million subs in Korea, about 2 million in China & Japan, then another 1+ million in the west. Pretty impressive as that was about half of WoW's numbers; which also has the majority of its subs from Asia, by all accounts. Was at about 2.5 million worldwide just before switching Aion to F2P in the west.

If a game with the Star Wars IP can't hit 2 million copies sold at release (not even close to that apparently), then nothing will in the west.

Trion/Rift is being very smart keeping their initial dev costs down and using clever marketing to be successful with much lower subs and box sales. By all accounts they are quite a bit below EVE's 300K numbers (very likely under 100K at any time), yet are active with updates and bringing players back for a month now and then with new content. TERA will need to do the same or else switch to F2P to stay around. I expect the same with TSW. Times have changed. The Guild Wars model is looking like the smartest way forward, sell lots of boxes and then fluff cash shop items in between expansions.

Sorry for the long reply.


Didn't realize Aion's numbers had gotten that high. Good for them. I liked the game well enough, combat especially. But oh goodness the grind was rather severe once you it high 20s. I couldn't be bothered pushing through it and the crafting grind was even worse. Not even F2p gets me back into games I didn't enjoy for one reason or another. Too many other things come along to go backward.

I don't mind paying a subscriptions but the criteria to keep me is higher than it used to be for MMOs. Lots of options and less game time = much more selective.

I'm so looking forward to GW2. I pre-ordered via Amazon almost 2 years ago. Their model made trying it a no-brainer and now that I have tried it, I'm in love. :-)

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