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May 31, 2012



I'm working on the assumption that GW2 won't launch before September at the very earliest. Even that would be a surprise. I'm expecting late November/early December to be honest. If it launches earlier, that'll just be a bonus.

Consequently I am not going to limit myself too much in the BWEs. My plan at the moment is to play as if the game had already gone live. It's what I've done in other betas for games I ended up playing and it's never spoiled the Live experience for me yet.

Alysianah aka Saylah

September or later??? OMG that would be horrible. With so much polish already on the game, why do you think they'd delay the release?

I rarely create more than one character per game. WOW was the biggest exception because I played so long. Two hitting max level in Rift was also a pleasant surprise. I guess my hesitation is based on the fact that I've I often find leveling content tedious. I had been a grinder - which didn't feel like grinding to me, it was more freeform leveling doing as I pleased to get the XP. Do the quests I enjoy, ignore the rest and farm mobs for crafting components + XP.

If any game can be great the 2nd time around it seems like GW2 would be the one. Rift does an excellent job because of the sheer variety and density of the content. GW2 seems as rich but I worry about it thinning out toward the higher levels as many MMOs tend to do.

With nothing else on my horizon, save EQ3, I need to savor GW2. EQ3 is my next dark horse. I love the crafting and adore the housing. If they can just get a bit more new school with the questing it will could be another great MMO.


I doubt it will be released any later than mid-July. I'm not going to participate in the BWE's because every time I do I wish I hadn't, but I'm super excited :)

Alysianah aka Saylah

Am the opposite. Every time I participate, I wish there'd been more time. Even just more time to look around. The environments are so rich, I was barely scratching the surface of the zones I played. And I never did any under water combat. so much to see. so little time. :-)

I hope you're right about July. That would be pretty darn perfect for me.

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