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May 01, 2012



Yay, some new posts! Some good improvement ideas, I agree with them.

I had a lot of Karma from events but, as you said, didn't find much of anything to spend it on, at least for a low level character. The underground pirates hideaway in Lion's Arch had various gear for level 40s, and I found various Karma vendors for level 30 to 80 players with lots of stuff.

I admit I was a bit confused the first hour or so even though I've been following the game some. Also the bank and trading house map icons seemed to just blend into the background for me, as I didn't even notice they were there the first day.

Glad you are playing and look forward to more posts from you in future events, especially once you check out the crafting. :)

Alysianah aka Saylah

Thanks. I'll be posting more regularly soon. My real life crafting has fallen into a manageable rhythm and I want to be careful not to burn myself out on it.

:::blink,blink::: Underground pirate cove? That's a must visit on my next foray.

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