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April 30, 2012



Legendary White Bunny lol! Was it tiny like all the other bunnies hopping around in game? He is buried in that screenshot by all the effects going off. And now that you mention it, it would be nice to toggle others spell effects on/off every once in awhile. Or reduce them somewhere in the settings.

Well hopefully we can all get together on the same server next BWE. Doubtful if its as popular as this one, but like you said, theres always mumble.

Alysianah aka Saylah

I have no idea. I was a bit behind making it there as I was among the people dying occasionally along the way. I knew from doing group content that the spell effects could be out of control but this really brought it home to me. I couldn't see a damn thing.

On the upside I had almost no lag either. :-) Some were having lag problems but not me.


No lag? Definately suffered from it myself. Especially in situations like your screenshots with lots of people. FPS would drop down into the low teens. Wonder what the secret sauce is then.

Alysianah aka Saylah

I don't monitor my FPS - not app displayed to know if there was impact but I didn't have any discernible lag. I couldn't tell what the heck was going on with all the animations flying everywhere.

Granted I do have a gaming specific rig:
Alienware Area 51
Intel Core i7 3.33 GHz
Win 7
64-bit OS
Raid 0 storage
Geforce GTX 460
killer 2100 network adapter

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