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September 19, 2011



We went back to EQ2 from Rift a couple of weeks back intending just to take advantage of the double xp and double station cash. We spent the SC on the Destiny of Velious expansion, Mrs Bhagpuss started putting her houses up on the new rating system, then we got flying mounts, then she started making new houses...
and we don't seem to be playing Rift any more.

It was entirely unintended and I'm at least still popping in to do my dailies most days, but there does seem to be a bit of a lull over in Telon. I'm subbed for another 6 months and planning on going back as soon as the next big patch hits, but with the November expansion and GU for EQ2 looking so very exciting, and with Fallen Earth going F2P, Rift is going to have to fight for time in the schedule.

There's just SO much good stuff around in MMOs at the moment it's almost painful. And I fear it will only get harder to choose.


I've intentionally not gone back to EQ2. I'd do just what your wife did. Put up my houses, re-open my store and it would be what I want to do whenever I have free time. And that's not a bad thing, except that I realized I emptied too much of my creative energy into MMO crafting when I'm still hoping to find an avenue into a creative profession as a second career.

I don't want to think about how well the crafting and housing system supports short and sporadic play schedules. Harvest in spurts, craft in spurts and customers buy whatever you happen to have available. I couldn't go back to doing custom house decorating. Don't tempt me. I must stay away a while longer. But I have thought about it quite often. :-)

Glad you two are still having fun.

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