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August 15, 2011



Congrats! It's good to hear that you're feeling better and have a new, fun crafting hobby/business. I hope it continues to give you lots of joy.

What do you think you'll play next? I've been keeping an eye on a few titles, but other than possibly SWTOR my "list" of possibilities doesn't have many MMOs on it right now.


So cool! Very inspiring, I especially love how you overcame your initial trepidation in transitioning to tangible crafts from virtual. The bes of luck to you on this new venture.


@pan - I'm waiting on GW2 for sure. I'll probably give SWTOR a try because the guild will disappear there for a while. It's not an IP I'm interested in but I liked the destiny quests in AOC even though I wasn't interested in that game so maybe Bioware's solo storyline will prove as entertaining.


@Lloyd - Thank you! I'm having fun even though it's a lot of work. I think the hardest part is behind me - getting things started for an initial line-up. Now I can do incremental growth in my skills and offerings to keep it casual.

Capn John

My High School was pretty forward thinking (for 25-30 years ago) and so in 8th grade I found myself in Sewing class making a corduroy beanbag. We had a choice of a couple of items, and I think almost all the boys chose to make beanbags. We had to measure the pattern out on the backside (I guess) of the corduroy, cut it out, sew the sides and top together, sew the zipper to the bottom two sections, then turn the whole thing inside out before sewing the bottom on and Voila! A beanbag!

So recently my daughter got a toy sewing machine. Toy? Toy??? TOY!?!?! Like you, it took me, maybe not an hour, but I kid you not the instructions seemed to be written concurrently in Arabic, Swahili, and I think Braille, with pictures in English as if that were sufficient, and I don't know how long I looked at them wondering just what went where and how. Finally I got everything together and damned if this toy sewing machine isn't a working model of a real machine. I mean if you knew what you were doing you could MAKE THINGS with this machine.

It's a toy, but it's not. It scares me.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Great for her! It's a skill that would serve her well for life! My youngest daughter has gotten the bug as well and is turning out some really nice dresses for herself.

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