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July 20, 2011



Interesting! Is this wishful thinking or do you have some inside info?


GBTV - forum post from by Hartsman


Have you seen this game yet? http://www.primeonline.com/

It reminds me of a futuristic DAoC with a SWG method of gathering crafting resources... I don't know what the actual crafting is like yet...

I personally don't like realm vs. realm PvP games, but I have to say I'm intrigued with Prime from the little I have seen so far... (I just found out about it last Friday myself...)


Soloing instances in Wizard 101 is one of my favorite MMO activities. There's something deeply satisfying doing something alone that was tuned for a group.


@Test I totally loved doing that too - fine tuning your deck, trying different strats to make it work.

@Suni - No, I haven't heard of it will but it's scifi. I'm a fantasy nut. The only scifi game I've played for any length of time is EVE.


Playing solo on MMOs nothing better than that. There will really come a time, wherein we get tired of doing stuffs with guildies and friends. Enjoy!

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