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June 29, 2011


Wilhelm Arcturus

Oh EVE. I hope to look back on this month and marvel how CCP pulled itself out of the hole it has dug. But seriously, as somebody else said, Incarna has something in it to piss off each player individually it seems.


Very strange turn of events after CCP has often been touted as the darlings of indy-style MMO development with a game boasting steady growth. It's one thing for the game and players to be infamous. It's a whole other thing with the developer is so.


Glad to hear your health issues are clearing up. Sickness is scary, and cancer the scariest sickness.

Winged Nazgul

So glad to hear the good news about your health. Hope you hear more good news with the biopsy results.


@Tipa and Winged - thanks. Little edgy today but hanging in there. Won a few warfronts last night. I'd saved PVP until level 50.


Bit late to thread here, but just wanted to congratulate you on the good news re your health.

Also to agree that there's just an incredible amount to do at 50th in Rift, although a lot of it turns out to be things I don't want to do (dungeons, raids, faction grind). Luckily I can do invasions all night, every night and the exploring is still thrilling. I still regularly find new places I haven't explored and new things I haven't seen.

Oh and I'd say 50 is when you should stop PvP, not start hehe. Lower-level PvP in Rift is great, but at 50 the dreaded ranks appear and you have to be pretty dedicated to be anything more than a very slight speed-bump in the way of the enemy charge.


@Bhag - Thanks. Funny you should speak of speed bump! That's usually how I feel in WF as a 50 who doesn't even have her PVP soul yet. Oh well, I've started spending more of my time crafting and doing T2 content.

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