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April 14, 2011



Hmm. A common sense post with reasonable deductions and sound commitment.

Is this real life?

As I noted in my commentary (http://simple-n-complex.blogspot.com/2011/03/rift-30-days-and-30-nights.html), I really think it is how a player approaches the game. Play it like you have been playing MMO's forever, and yes, you will not have fun. Treat it as a chance to explore, find friends and enjoy the world as it was created, you will have a blast.

Thank you for a great post!


Instead of my usual wall of text comment, I'll just say that I heartily endorse everthing you've said above.

Except for one thing! Other than for reasons of time I can't see why you'd deprive yourself of the additional pleasure of playing both sides. I'm playing on two servers now, Guardian on one and Defiant on the other. I wouldn't play them on the same server - that would just be weird - but I'm very glad I'm getting to see both sides.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Thanks and good read on your end. I have been following your posts. I was curious to see if the stats reflect what I see in game. And so far, just a bit. Like I said, my server is still going quite strong.

I've wanted to comment in the past. Glad you have the Typepad option there now. I don't have Google and refuse to create one just cuz. Too many log in names and passwords in my world as it is. :-)

Alysianah aka Saylah

Generally speaking, I don't do alts. WOW is the biggest exception because I played it for so long. I had one alt in WAR because I couldn't decide between Bright Wizard and the Warrior Priest. So when T4 was a bore and became dead, I flipped the WP for a while.

For me, the true mark of an engrossing MMO is the attachment to the main character. That is what I'm there for, it's part of my play style.

If I'm playing a single char you know I'm all in it - it feels like an extension of me in that world. That's how I feel about my Cleric in Rift. I even bailed on guild alt night. I'm SO into her, I have eyes for no one else. :-) And there's so much I've missed on Defiant side, I'd want another run through there first.

Plus my guild, Casualties of WAR, contributes to why I'm having so much fun. I have no intention of rolling else where for now. Who knows, if I ended up playing as long as I played WOW, trying the other side will happen ... some day.

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