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April 25, 2011



Saylah, I think your email may be compromised. I just got a spam mail from your account with a link going off somewhere (obviously I didn't click it). I didn't really know how else to contact you so I'm doing it here.

I did get one like this a few months ago but I completely forgot to tell you.

It said:

miss Friend_
How are you doing?
One of my friends work in Abautvid company in China.
Their company sell all kinds of electronic products, including telephone,digital cameras, notebook,LCD TV,motorbike,and so on .
Now, their company have to expand the enterprise scale ,and increase sale effort .
The sale promotion activity is being held.
You can log in their company website (STUPID URL HERE) and find the electronic product you need.
Believe that you will satisfy their cheaper price and better quality .
Wish you happy everyday . u--8


Thanks Mal. Harper had my personal email from coordinating visits with the Sisters from No Prisoners No Mercy. I've changed the password and verified it was the only email compromised. Sorry for the spam. :-(


No problem, I was just concerned.

At least you didn't tell me that it was somehow my fault or that it was impossible to happen, as another blogger said to me when I alerted them to the fact that I got spam from their email. :P

I was a little wary about telling you because I was afraid I'd get shot down again.


Uh that was silly on their part. It's easy enough to check the sent folder and confirm that it happened. Luckily, it was just the email account associated with this blog and not my personal one! *shudder*

Oh the internet is filled with such special people. /jk

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