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March 05, 2011



Saylah, try a rogue and go Bard/Nightblade/Ranger. ;) It's awesome fun and you get to be support with your amazing buffs and AOE HoTs. Put 8 points in Nightblade to get your damage buffed, the rest into Bard. The Ranger is your 0-point soul, get it for the pet -- but sometimes I just run Riftstalker instead, so I can have a very useful leap ability that has gotten me out of trouble in warfronts and even while questing, and also acts as a kind of 'quick travel for a few meters' type of travel.

I love my Bard, and that love was unexpected -- I never thought I'd ever change from my cleric, but as soon as I played my Bard, it was all over. My cleric (Warden/Sentinel/Inquisitor) is level 11, while my Bard is level 30. :) I have an incredibly fun time in warfronts -- next to healing clerics, Bards are the ones that turn the tide of battle due to our buffs and AOE heals. I'm also 99% of the time one of the top 2-3 healers overall (including both Defiants and Guardians), and more than half the time I am top healing for my side.

You rock and roll and let your music do the talking. It's just incredible, and I love the utility of my Bard. It's an amazing class to play, and you make everyone's life easier no matter what you're doing: questing, warfronts, rifts, instances ... everything runs smoother with a Bard!

Plus, well, with a rogue, you can melee dps, range dps, tank, have a pet ... but I'm just too enamored with my guitar-riffing, trumpet-blowing girl to really go into any of the other specs.

Did I say I love my Bard? :P

Alysianah aka Saylah

Thanks am going to try one for the Monday nite alt group. I'm not feeling the mage.

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