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March 25, 2011



One of the many things Rift does right is how the "zones" increase in detail as you level. I feel a lot of the criticism that we heard in beta about the aimlessness of the questing and lack of immersion in the world derived from jsut a couple of very low-level zones.

I love Scarlet Gorge. It's huge, fascinating and gorgeous. Scarwood is a step up again in complexity, although less to my personal taste, but Iron Pines Peaks is just magnificent. Beautiful, atmospheric and thoroughly involving. I spend hours just riding my Valmera through IPP,taking screenshots and just gawping. I've yet to explore Stillmoor, Lantern Hook and Shimmersands properly, but they also look superb. Rift really is an explorer's paradise.

And I always play every MMO with all names and onscreen player/NPC info switched off. I'd sacrifice almost all my efficiency for atmosphere.

Alysianah aka Saylah

I harvested sans UI again today. And when I'm merely traveling from A to B I'm going to do the same. I can't quest that way thought as I like that to be ordered and efficient.

Explorer's paradise it is. I enjoy how a majority of the landscape is structurally sound with very few invisible walls. To take that last picture I climbed up a long a side of a mountain and hopped several ledges untilni found a spot I liked. I saw more quest areas for explorer's to happen upon and be rewarded for seeking out adventures off the beaten path. Great fun.

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