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March 30, 2011


Green Armadillo

I'm definitely a lot more excited about MH than Droughtlands. Yes, desolate in Rift is still prettier than desolate in most other games. Yes, there was some greenery in Scarwood (more on the Defiant side of the zone than the Guardian side). Still, trees that aren't dead. And maybe some natural light to go with the non-dead trees. I'm a fan.

You're doing better on cash than I am. I've got about 18 plat at level 36, and my plan is to spend it on my fourth role slot so I can have another spec to play with. It's less that I absolutely need a fourth spec than that I'm hesitant to experiment because I don't want to have to redo all my hotbars if I change out one of my current options. My free turtle is fast enough for now, since there are even faster mounts available at level 50.


I may skip the 40 too. I purchased the 5 th bank slot tonight and 14 slot bags for was compartment. Also the vendor purchased crafting regents required for recipes start are getting expensive!

Winged Nazgul

I had my qualms as well buying the level 40 mount. Since I knew I was going to buy the level 50 (epic gold robo-pony 4tw) as well, I thought maybe it would be highly ironic to find myself short the 35 plat when I dinged 50.

But knowing myself and figuring if I could raise the 90 plat in that time, the additional 35 plat wouldn't be that much harder. I opted to splurge for the 40 mount. Turned out to be a great decision as I was still able to go directly to the mount vendor at 50 to buy my epic robo-pony.

The keys were getting lucky with the puzzle dusty sacks and auctioning the rare/epics instead of equipping them, ignoring the AH except to post auctions, and ignoring crafting for a while.


I need to do the puzzles. I haven't done any yet. I don't things from the AH other than bags. I have been unlucky in selling which ends up costing me lots of gold so I've decided to just vendor. I can make 55G selling a stack of leather to the vendor versus wasting 5G listing on AH and not having it sell at all.

Hmm - guess I'll see how it goes. Crafting pots saves me money on buying them so there's a bit of a trade off there. Grats on 50!!!

Winged Nazgul


Got my Mage alt to 36 over the weekend as well. :)


Dang. My main is 41 but I'm out of town this week. *cries* I'm very ready to get to the first expert dungeon to see how it feels.

Are you raiding?

Winged Nazgul

Too busy leveling my alt to go grind gear for raiding. But this is on purpose as I am taking it very casually this time around. I'll probably run experts and raids in the future. Or not. Either is fine with me.

Intraocular lenses

After about three years I played WoW and I became addicted I decided to quit. But I have not yet found a game that would keep me in front of my PC like WoW did. The trailer of Rift looks very cool and I'd like to see if can keep me addicted in front of my PC :D

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