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February 24, 2011



3x Dc'd and back to 1017 in queue. I need a drink and a good movie to lick my wounds with cuz I don't think I'll be getting on Rift this evening.

And it's not like you can pick a different server, abandoning plans with friends for a while, every single server is FULL. /cries into her soda pop


Took me over two hours to get in. Played for an hour and now servers have come down. Smooth as butter once I was playing, though.


They went down when I was # 10 in the queue!!!! And now it's back to being 1065. Waiting to see if guild decides to bail on this server.


Casualties currently is staying the course - for now.

This isn't our first rodeo, and we all know that queues fade like puppy love. With world events like Invasions, Rift Raids, etc... I think it's important to be plugged into a thriving server.

We've got the rest of our lives to play Rift. What's important is to play together and have fun. It was amazing seeing all these old (and new) CoWs hop in form up. Because we are so hyper-casual, we aren't as organized or agile, and moving servers could be a short term solution with long term consequences.

I was talking to one player from a guild tag I can't recall and he said they moved to a new server PvE(RP) and, before everyone got the word out, THAT server developed a queue - it was a nightmare, he said.

Lets see how this weekend plays out - /end pep talk.


I hear ya. I also think it's safer to stay on the RP servers which are fewer in number and seem to lose fewer players after the 30 days of lookie-loo.

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