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February 04, 2011


Winged Nazgul

Regarding collection rewards, I'd like to offer the following anecdote. After turning in countless collections on my Warrior main and getting nothing noteworthy in return, I turn in my first collection on my Cleric alt.

There was an epic level 16 2H sword in the random goodie bag.

I've decided to roll with The Older Gamers for Rift. Absolutely loving the community and I should've done this way earlier for previous games.


Why does that guild sound familiar? I think Sister Julie from No Prisoners No Mercy is with that guild in general. Are many of them out of Australia? What faction?

I'm feeling very eh, about the collection quests. It's a bit too random on the quality of rewards. I don't need anything epic but SOMETHING useful would be nice or give me something frivolous and cosmetic. I love interesting cosmetic gear - capes, hats, goggles, etc. So many fun things they could do versus giving me the same essences and potions from mobs that I'm already selling as trash.

R.W. Harper

Yep, Sister Julie and Fran are members of TOG, as am I. Like you Saylah, I am taking it slow in BETA and enjoying just playing with combat mechanic and builds.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Messing with the abundance of options in the soul mechanic is heaps of fun. It's really easy to get side tracked there for a while which is why I stayed broke most of the time. I'm glad I've gotten the initial itch out of the way so I don't burn the first couple weeks of the live gaming just deciding on my base. I'm ready tobrun around freely and see everything I can!

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