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January 22, 2011



Similar feelings to mine, and probably Mrs Bhagpuss too. We haven't completely clicked with an MMO since Vanguard. We liked W101 a lot and we had fun in War and WoW (exceptionally late to that party) and LotRO and Allods and Zentia and quite a few others, but the whole "just playing this for months because this is all we want to play" thing, that we haven't had for quite a while.

I completely agree on the "on rails" thing. You can say any post-WoW, quest-driven MMO is "on rails" if you don't have the curiosity to step off the tracks and see what's over the embankment. Rift is absolutely no worse than any other in that respect and better than many.

I'll be playing Rift and, I hope, keeping up a presence in DCUO and EQ2X. If Rift's what I hope, then I probably won't have time for much more than that for much of this year. We'll see.

R.W. Harper

I have done the same and I am sure that I will not regret it like I did with Warhammer and Aion. I am keeping my BETA exploration minimal and concentrating on trying out souls as much as possible before the launch.


Well I am sick of WOW for now, don't have much to do in LOTRO until the expansion, so Rift is coming out at the perfect time for me. I can wait for the PVP beta test to start on Tuesday.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@bhag are you possibly still playing Rift this weekend? "if" that were possible, were you and I talking in general chat? :-)

@RW it's clear from your new site that you're in for the long haul: http://rift-herald.com/ VERY IMPRESSIVE!

@Thomas you're not alone. I'm still shocked by how quickly the average playe hit the new level cap. Now there's the wailing about dungeons being too hard and not hard enough.


Well, I'm jealous.. I wish I was one of the ones playing this weekend "if" that was possible... I'll have to wait for the 25th... :(

Rift is the only game since WoW that has actually lived up to (and exceeded IMO) the hype... I was afraid to pre-order after being burned so many times in the past but after playing Beta 4 I was hooked and have absolutely no regrets at all...

Winged Nazgul

I'm kinda glad it's not possible for me to play this weekend as I have a whole new expansion in Wizard 101 I still have to get through. In other W101 news, I finally trained my pet to epic status and only need to craft one more item to get Master Artisan.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@winged now that Splashtop is working well on my iPad I had just thought about how W101 might be a good candidate to play casually while relaxing. My original intent was to be able to watch unsupported video formats and to do long trips in EVE but W101 is another good candidate.


I went ahead and pre-ordered recently too. I have a short attention span with games and I know I'll be done with DCUO within a month.

Rift looks like it might be the best fantasy MMO option for 2011. I'm really hoping it's not another disappointment and it turns out to be a great game.

Alysianah aka Saylah

All of us are hoping the same. One solid fact is that the state of the beta is more solid than several games I've purchased at release. There are several things being done by Trion that appear to me is that as much as they've utilized existing conventions that work, they're also trying to avoid mistakes other games have made.

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