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January 11, 2011



One thing about stations in lowsec or nullsec is that you might not be allowed to dock at them. There's a dozen ways to scam courier missions, and one of the most popular is to give someone a courier mission to a destination they cannot dock, especially one where you can conveniently show up to kill them.

Alysianah aka Saylah

I have read about scamming. I've done a few small contracts in my Vexor. I look at the person's rating to see if there have been complaints but someone could get a bunch of their croonies hook them up with good standing I suppose.

I didn't realize there are places you can't dock although I did know to check to see if the destination was a real place. I've been using Dalton Maps. Thanks for the heads-up. Now I know to check for that as well. :-) Oh EVE, nothing is ever simple.


They can't stop you from docking in low sec. That's only a Null sec issue (conquerable stations and outposts can be set to only allow alliance personnel or allies to dock). However it's a good idea to go around in a stealth ship or a cheap speedy frigate and bookmark "instant undock" for stations in pirate infested areas. The idea is that a dock ejects you in a specific direction so you fly off some random distance away on the same axis and somewhere off grid ,usually 500km+, you set up a book mark. Now when you undock you're already going at high speed. So you can instantly get to warp if you warp to your bookmark - since it's in line with the direction of travel. The idea is that you transition from invulnerability to warp faster than your ship can be locked up and warp scrammed. So long as your undock direction is in line with your book mark. This is what's called an "instant undock". Provided your ship is not a total pig this usually gets you somewhere with enough time to re-allign to were you want to go before they can scan you down and land on you - or cloak up while in warp so the pirates immediately loose you from their scans.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Wow - okay, life the in fast lane. I've trained cloaking III and was planning to do some investigation in a frigate first.

Thanks for the details on how insta-undock works.

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