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January 24, 2011



So naturally, the first question a gaming geek must ask is, "What video card did you get?".


P.S. Nice pics. Btw, do player characters in Rift tend to look fairly unique or mostly similar like in WOW?


From what I've read in the technical support forums, the game currently runs better on older cards in the mid to high end range. People with the latest cards and latest drivers actually have lower frame rates that some of those with older cards. However, one of the nice things in rifts is that when you log into beta the game will pop up a notification if it thinks you need to change graphics driver. Atleast it did on my girlfriends computer.

My computer uses a geforce 8800 gts with 640 MG ram, the one from 2006, not the newer one from 2007 and it runs Rift better than EQ2. My girlfriend has a newer ATI 5450 which runs EQ2 better than my GTS but doesn't work as well on Rift. Mind you I did not upgrade the driver to the recomended on and the ATI 5450 is far from a mid range gaming video card.

With respect to appearance, there is a fair bit of variety between equipment sets but if everyone wore the same thing then they would look the same. However, I hear that they are implementing an appearance slot system in addition to the dye system already in place.

As for soloing, I think my current soling style is similar. It is rare that I find a buddy that I like to hang out with on a regular basis. It happened once in EQ2 but the original EQ was all about hanging out in obscure zones with friends grinding or farming one thing or another.


GT 430 which is the most my power supply will support. My game play is fine on medium and decent on high minus aliasing and shadows. But it a huge rift appears and 50+ players rush to the area I get really bad lag. Not so bad that I can't play but enough that split second responses aren't possible.

In AC2 I had a real life couple that I played just fine regularly. In W101 occasional grouping with other bloggers but that's a game that plays more like a board game so to me it's more fun in a group.


Not sure how far back it went, but you were talking about wanting to see some steampunk ages ago! Glad you finally found some. (Without Goblins or Gnomes attached either.)

Alysianah aka Saylah

The environment alone is a joy to run around. Twice this weekend I mistakenly wandered into areas I hadn't discovered before. :-( I immediately left so I wouldn't spoil seeing it fresh when the game goes live.

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