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January 26, 2011



Great post - bookmarked!

FYI: there is a large group of CoWs that are playing Rift in beta and have pre-ordered. You should hop into vent and say hi sometime - we all miss ya! We haven't decided on server / faction for launch, however.

Alysianah aka Saylah

*waves* Thanks.

Woot!! I was planning to check on COW. I will absolutely play with COW if there are folks rolling Defiant. I can't skip the technomagic (steampunk) side.


I like the matrix, makes it easier to figure out what type of cleric I'd like to try out. Cleric is the only calling that I haven't gotten the hang of so far.

Alysianah aka Saylah

I think Rift's twist on Cleric and Rogue will take getting used to. They've created something atypical that will require adjustments in how we view those classes.


This is great. I am curious as to how speccked them, as to what points where. Could you update this and add a link to say a talent tree calculator such as the two i have here.




Winged Nazgul


No love for your fellow Warrior Priest, Warrender? :(

Alysianah aka Saylah

Warrender!!! I still remember how younhealed and protected us lowbies running around alone trying to defend and we did it! LOL GOOD TIMES

Alysianah aka Saylah

I'm planning a more detailed post about particular combos but spec'g is going to be heavily dependent on what you're trying to accomplish and your play style even more so than other MMOs because there are so many options.

Green Armadillo

I'm curious whether you tried Shaman/Druid/Justicar. I'd heard that A) this was the way to go for melee and B) this is the preferred "tanking" option for clerics.

I'm also a bit curious about why you preferred the Warden over the other healing specs. Is it just kind of the versatile option?

Alysianah aka Saylah

Today I spent several hours comparing shaman+warden+Druid vs. shaman+warden+justicar. The problem with the Justicar vs. Warden is mulit-fold.

1. You can't count on being able to heal because it requires conviction and several of the skills that grant conviction have cool downs.

2. The default across the board GCD that 99.99% of skills trigger means that to heal requites two steps separated by a GDC. This is not pretty in a pinch or fast paced combat with multiple mobs that in and of themselves interrupt you AND there's something funky where a lot of mobs make instant cast a not instant - some sort of lG delay.

3. Other than the low point group heal the other pre level 25 ish heals are all self only healing.

Druid vs. Warden
1. Lowbie heal is instant but on 15 sec cool down

2. Can't easily control who the fairy is healing when actively engaged in combat.

3. In the healing dept thats about all it's got.

Warden with one of these is fine depending on need and preference but for solo questing and wanting to be able to readily heal if needed, neither of them suit me. In the case of a real tank that is expecting someone else to heal them either or both are fine.

I have a post coming tomorrow on why the Druid doesn't work so well for me.

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