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December 27, 2010


Winged Nazgul

You may have some free Training Points if you ever trained any learning skills in the past as CCP has removed them from the game and refunded the points recently.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Yes, I did. Woot! I saved almost of month of training time and then completing a couple days more netted me 7 certifications complete which was nice. It's all basic/standard/private level but hey, that's a lot for me. :-)

Winged Nazgul

Also, they're promising an overhaul in the aging Contracts system in a month or so:



Thanks for the link! I've been listening to podcasts trying to catch up things.


Gratz on getting back in - I'm still on EVE break (although my main isn't - he's still training hard).

Re your Viator plans: Remember: cloaky goodness (this is a stealth vessel, not a tanked vessel). Also review how to make insta-undocks at any planned stations and for regular low sec work I also advise "gate observation points". When fitting, try to resist fitting for cargo capacity and fit for nimbleness (i-stabs and low friction nozzle joints) until you are confident in your "pirate avoidance skills". Learn/Relearn to use the d-scan if you didn't learn to use it before. You can now adjust your overview to see probes (although this is less of an issue with the Viator of course).


Thanks for the advice. I'm not sure what some of that means so I'll Google it. :-) I was considering taking the PVP training course being hosted by Agony Unleashed but I will be out of town that whole week. I might check into EVE Uni but I have a few side projects going in EVE that I'll be posting about so my time is limite.

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