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October 04, 2010



While I'd like to explore the world of FFXIV, I honestly don't care for a lot of the character races (similar to TERA) and much of the art style. The world itself looks interesting, but I find the rest rather blah, but that is just personal taste. It also has tons of stuff I don't like; the crafting click-at-the-right-moment thing, user interface, lack of AH, company that has even worse support and interaction with players than Aion, only 1 character, etc. I thought I read someplace about a buddy account, which lets you play for quite awhile? Might be worth checking on that to at least explore the game some before actually buying it.

BTW, Aion actually fixed a lot of the lack of quests in 2.0. The new solo instances are great and give out tons of XP. The daily quests are also nice. The new rental Mist armor & weapons (you get tokens from daily quest) are another good addition. The rift nerfing has been mostly welcomed by me, although they probably took it too far. Much of the crafting is still insanely expensive, although I'll craft items I like the look of. You can now pretty much avoid PvP to a great extent all the way up to level 50, for those that just want to explore. Still problems and bad choices by the devs and NCWest. I'm very neutral in recommending the game. I have fun playing it, but some poorly thought out things in the game still need revamping. Oh, did I mention the pets? The pets are super cute (they all can fly) and the 1 year reward multi-purpose pet (Aqua Griffo) was a nice surprise. :)


There was an RP drink yesterday at the Briny Brew Barrel bar? club?, you should go take a look if you have the time and if you're interested in other people's decorating, it's next door to us in the Glacial Villa, under the name brinybrewbarrel.
Signed Jexi, and it's almost too much for my computer to handle. But some of it is really well done.

Ziyi & Twinkle

Winged Nazgul

Was in the Beta and wasn't very impressed. But then again, I didn't try the crafting and I'm really not much of an explorer.

I'd suggest you find out all you can about the levequest and fatigue systems before you make the purchase.


@Yarr - Aion was visually stunning and the flying/gliding exhilarating. It still has the smoothest combat I've experienced. I won't go back though. Both of our accounts got caught up in a ban sweep long time after we unsubscribed. I didn't even realize it had happened so didn't protest. Now, I wouldn't be bothered. I'm SHOCKED that their customer support is so piss-poor that I didn't receive any emails! We only found out when one of the kids tried to give L2 (hurl) a try and found both of my accounts locked.

@Ziyi - Dang how do you know when stuff is happening? Was it broadcast in chat? I know of Jexi's work and will definitely take a look.

@Winged - I will hold out until / unless the urge becomes insanely overpowering. LOL Right now, have both my hands full with EQ2.


Loving the crafting. But not for the faint of heart... When the level 7 blacksmithing tool takes material that needs a level 21-ish weaver to make, this is not the game for impatient crafter. On the flip side you can make a +1 level 7 weaver tool at about level 6 blacksmith - I did.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Letrange - Are you a long time fan? I need to visit your blog. Sorry, been absent from readings while spending MUCH TOO MUCH time in EQ2x. It's interesting to see you in a game that's not EVE. :-)


Saylah, yeah, from what I've observed, anyone that stopped playing Aion probably has had their account locked via a ban. It is probably done to prevent them from getting hacked and used as bots/gold sellers (because NCSoft apparently can't program some decent protection in the first place, although they are finally adding a secondary password), but typical of the way they do things, they likely just did it via auto-banning and then leave support to deal with it if the player comes back.

Alysianah aka Saylah

Wow, that is HORRIBLE!! They could have had a subscriber for a few months. After we discovered the account ban when attempting to try L2, my son called and asked if I could reactivate Aion. I told him what happened and didn't look into it because I was pissed that they'd ban without a single notification. So I was like, screw them. They don't get anymore of my money! Wow.


Yep, quite a few friends had the exact same problem and reaction. Of course I'm just guessing that is what they do. Who knows, it might just be their crappy automated security software doesn't work right.

I just tried to change my credit card on file and found out you have to cancel your sub and then sub with the new card, even though there is a "change credit card on file" section in account management. It doesn't work. So I am currently canceled, but will very probably re-sub closer to my end date with the different card. Talk about a poorly run game/company!

You do get an email when you cancel. Not much of one, no thank you for having been a customer, no "we wish you'd reconsider" or anything. Just a "your account is canceled and you won't be able to play when your time is up" type message. At least they have you take a survey when leaving.

Will see how canceling my LotRO VIP goes in a few minutes. So far their site has been down every time I try to get on it. :(


@Saylah yep, just taking a breather from EVE for a while (this time BEFORE I have a serious burnout - EVE is intense but there's only so long you can do intense before you need a break). I'll be back in EVE one day - no doubt about that - but I also did about 3 years of FFXI, so I had serious interest in finding out if they "fixed" some of the issues that I had with the previous version (like being unable to do all the crafting on a single character). Some things are better from my point of view - definitely. And for the things that are worse, I'm hoping most of them are of the "fixed in upcoming patch" category rather than "sunk in stone design" category. Time will tell, but I'm having fun atm so that's what counts.


I am really excited for FFXIV though, can't wait to see and hope they changed up the game from FFXI, the leveling was excruciatingly bad. I loved when FFXI released for the Xbox, it made owning one that much more exciting, now I have both a 360 and a PS3 so :) double the fun.

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