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October 27, 2010



I think one of the reasons people sell for under cost on the broker is that EQ2 has a long and deep tradition of altruistic "public service". Personally, I don't go into loss when selling, and my rule of thumb is generally 2x vendor price, but I have had, and have heard, many heated debates with players who feel that they are crafting primarily to provide a service, not to make a profit.

I don't think EQ2 has anything like WoW's tradition of making entrepreneurship part of core gameplay. It happens, but unlike WoW, having a lot of plat doesn't really mean very much in EQ2 and you don't seem to hear people talking about it much. The difference in attitude to the economy was one of the things I found most jarring in my brief time in WoW.

Unless my memory of WoW is way off, I think, by the way, that 1 plat in EQ2 is more like 100 gold in WoW than 1000. In the mid-50s I could already make one plat in about 20 minutes doing the infinitely repeatable quests in Sinking Sands. That rate increases very quickly through the later tiers, where money really flows like water.

Alysianah aka Saylah

1 Plat is 100 gold in EQ2 which would mean then that 1 gold is equal in both games and I don't think that to be true. Players struggle a lot longer to get the 2 Plat in EQ2 (200 gold) than players did to get 500 gold for what was the original cost of their first mount.

It feels like the coin is important in Eq2 as it is in WOW but people aren't as boastful. And as for crafting as an enterprise, to me, this game does it more so because crafting is so in depth and the economy is very active for items beyond just the shiny armor. I agree that people are more generous, especially within guilds for crafting as a service but that broker is very active, even in a game where two type of "subscriptions" don't even have full access without a cost.

I find it more like EVE. The economy is very player driven and crafting is at the core BUT people in general are just less boastful. They're just going about their business. And at times the rare harvests are more valuable than coin, just like in EVE and players are often willing to trade those for services and vice versa.


There should be a log file in your eq2 directory that contains all your broker sales.


I think most of the undercutting with disregard for production cost gets done by people who're grinding the one-off's for the bonus xp and then broker them to get rid off asap.
Just a thought, haven't got any statistical data to back it up :o)

Completely not on topic, but I had to share this in case you haven't seen it yet; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXMTHae0uVc
It's toooo cute! :o)


Alysianah aka Saylah

@Zygwen - thanks I'll look for it.

Ziyi- Nah, I see I'll someone selling multiples of the item for less then fuel costs.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Ziyi - that was so cute!! I have a Druid. She was the last class I rolled to what was max level - 70. *sigh*


Hihi they should make her one just to make the point that requesting something can be done other than spamming 'omg Blizz gief belf's dr00ds!' on the forums :o)

And it's one of the two classes I've never leveled, I played hordeside and simply couldn't be persuaded to play talking livestock ;o)

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