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October 20, 2010



The CGI is excellent, as always, so I applaud the technical quality of the trailer, but nothing more. The monologue is so poorly written it's embarrassing, and delivered by a uninspired voice-actor who suspiciously sounds like a re-pitched Thrall.
I'm getting the same feeling here I got when I saw the abysmal cutscene after defeating Arthas; that some of the more talented writing staff was moved last year to work on Starcraft 2 and/or Diablo 3. I've only played about a quarter of the campaign in SC2, but the cutscenes there do so much more have the feel and touch of the Blizzard that delivered the vanilla and TBC trailers.
So all in all, massively disappointed here :o)

Alysianah aka Saylah

The poignancy is definitely missing. I wasn't sure it's because this isn't a fallen human, so it's less engaging or they decided enough with the EMO male anti-heroes. Definitely not as good as the previous ones but I'd still them making a CGI movie versus waiting forever to never, on a live action flick.


It's definitely the voice that kills it, I've experimented with watching the trailer muted and have the LoTR Balrog theme run alongside it, makes it much more appealing!

And yes I'm wasting time on stuff like that on purpose to postpone doing my dishes hihi :o))


Yes, Blizzard's people always create excellent cinematic trailers, but I do agree that the voice could be better. Maybe I'll try the Balrog version :)


Don't get me wrong, on a technical level Blizzard make fantastic CGI cinematics - I love watching them all. I think the very first for Vanilla WoW was was actually better then the Illidan one, by the way.
But nothing, I mean nothing, beats Craft of War: Blind -


It's just so awesome :)


My college animation professor said they should make a full CGI movie years ago when I showed him the WarCraft 3 cinematics. It's not Pixar quality, but they could hang in there with Dreamworks or the other "me too" CGI studios. (In short, they are technically great, short on story, which is why they can't compare to Pixar.)

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