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October 06, 2010



Simply beautiful. I'll pop in soon.

Capn John

When I was in High School I entered one of those short story competitions. I didn't win anything but a consolation prize, being a copy of the magazine that included all the winners' stories.

On the way home from school while reading through the magazine I ran across a very familiar story. Very familiar as in I'd read the exact same story in the Reader's Digest a couple of months before.

I got home, found the Reader's Digest with that particular story in it and showed it and the magazine to my parents. At their urging I took both books to school the next day and showed them to my English teacher. A week or so later he held me back after class to tell me that the person who had submitted that story had had their 'win' officially revoked by the Judges.

On the MMO front, I just got my copy of Mines of Moria in the mail last night ($10 for the CE on Amazon). I haven't upgraded my account yet. Apparently if you're a VIP when you ding 20 you get a quest for your permanent Horse, rather than having to spend Gold or Turbine points on it, so I'm going to wait until the boy and I are level 19 before we do that. (I actually got 2 copies of MoM, being $20, and we added a book for my daughter to get the total to $25 for the Free Shipping.)

Alysianah aka Saylah

Your story reminds me of a Senfeild episode with the RD cartoons and Elaine. LOL Loved that show.

I'm glad you're enjoying yourself in LOTRO and that the whole family is on board. Those were some sweet times when I was MMO'ing with my children when they were young. They felt like REAL adventures.


I think you forgot to pay your rent, can't enter the shop anymore.
Unless you banned just me! Wheeeeeiiii! :o)


Ziyi & Twinkle

Alysianah aka Saylah

Has it been a week?? I haven't been on for a few days. Not feeling well. Thanks! Will pay it today.

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