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October 17, 2010



I'm not into country-style kitchens, but I admire the creative effort gone into these pieces. Well done, looks really good!


Love the fridge!
I noticed the vampire mirror recipe has limited uses, so if you want to stock up on them for future projects, feel free to give me a shout or a pinch, you can have my charges.

Ziyi & Twinkle


This is absolutely amazing!

Alysianah aka Saylah

Thanks all. I'm having such an amazing time that some evenings it's hard to pull myself away and get to bed. I'm a complete hack compared to veteran decorators but us noobs have to start somewhere. *Smile

Ziyi - I've completed an idea for a layout and plan for your tavern. I won't be on as much this week and have 1 quick pre-order to craft then I'm all yours. I'll note it out and send via game mail. We can discuss next time we're on.


Yay! Got your estimate letter!
My thoughts; (sorry I post that here but since I don't have an email adress I thought this would be quickest)

*Ash Ornate table x6 ( I take it you mean the small one)
*Ornate Briarwood Chair x6

these I can provide with Shi, and since they'll still give her a bit of xp I'd rather craft them myself if you don't mind. Same for any paintings & rugs up to carpenting lvl 43, if you plan on using any of those do tell as I need to grind them anyway.

*Vampiric Mirror x4
Which ones do you need, the regular or wispy variant?

*Wineracks & food/drink items
You can vandalize the kitchen for those, there's about 5 large wineracks currently there, can make more if you need.

*Optional signature pieces budget
I don't know what these are, so hard to tell if I want them, please enlighten me! :o)

That's about it I think!
I'll have to look up materials for the first 4 items.

Ooh excited!
Ziyi & Twinkle

Alysianah aka Saylah

In game mail reply is better so I can adjust the list and quote there. I don't have the information offline. I'll copy and paste this in game.

Speak to you soon.

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