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September 27, 2010



Ha ha, I love the idea that someone tried to contract you to decorate Kelethin. I wonder if landscape transformation might be on the cards at some point in EQ2's future. After all you can build player cities in SWG.

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Stabs... Yes, it was funny once I got over the shock. He has a whole crafting area on one of the levels where I could make the items on site. I think I'll pass on that part too since it's within the "bugged" zone and use the sanctioned facilities. :-)


I think I saw you at the Community Lounge Oktoberfest Party yesterday, in disguise!
Hihi well at least I think it was you.
I found out I'm not too good with spirited drinks!

But anyways, on to your art; we've finally decided to set up guild headquarters in Halas for the time being, as a result of the Qeynosian real-estate crisis, and I've been thinking of offering a pressie to Aeci, since she actually brings in the most money but never buys anything for herself! She's a martial artist you see, and not very big into worldly possessions. But I want to do something anyway, so I was hoping you would have some ideas how to create an oriental themed meditation pad for her.
Let me know!

(oh and I was wondering if I could link your blog on mine, I like to ask first)

Ziyi and Twinkle
The Qeynos Silverhawks-who-operate-out-of-Halas-for-the-time-being

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Ziyi - Hmm, let me give that some thought. I think I will be purchasing some recipes that Aeci would enjoy in a meditation room. I'll get back to you both after the Kelethin house is completed.

I was at the festival for a short time on my main. Most of the time I was trying to figure out how to turn off player names to clear up the screen and lag. I quickly gave up and reverted to dancing around on the tops of tables. Us Fae don't hold our liquor very well.

I had to dash away suddenly when a guild member sent me a tell about a gift for my shop!! See the newest post.

For sure, link me, I'd be honored.

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