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September 21, 2010



Oh well, no harm done! Not by you anyway, Twinkle's been bursting in flames of late, I wonder if it's an elemental puberty thing?

(I'm kind of wondering though if you didn't spell your guild name wrong :o)

Ziyi and flaming Twinkle


Wow, the house looks great! I've really enjoyed reading about your furniture shop and decorating business, it's great to hear people having fun in other ways than the old 'kill ten rats' grind.

Julie Whitefeather

Quit an amazing looking house. You have quite the talent there.

Julie Whitefeather

Alysianah aka Saylah

@Ziyi - tell Twinkles that when I re-open the shop she can come by for tea and a treat. You're right, it's Elusive. LOL They're a very friendly bunch and lots of them doing stuff together everyday. I'm still focused on doing my own thing but the chatter is entertaining. Now that I think about it, I think my Warden would do better you and Ziyi.

As much as I'd like to stop repeating content I've seen and enter new zones, I don't enjoy the Illy as much anymore. I've played other pet and crowd control classes that I've enjoyed much more. I really want to play the Warden but am loath to give up the 40-something levels on the Illy. *sigh*

@Pai - Thanks so much! I only took a few pictures. I swear I was so brain dead by the time I finished, I just wanted to get out of there. Plus I knew that I had a move of my own looming because the intro house had become too small. More on that in an upcoming post.

@Julie - Thanks! I wish I could make cooler items but it is what it is, and he knew what level crafter I was before I accepted the project. Once I'm settled again, I need to research and get started on the quests that provide the more unique recipes and start doing the World Events.

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